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Pioneers of the East Bay

These pages will attempt to document the "Oakland Pioneers" both in the official society (whites only) and others that Albert Norman had researched.


The history is being presented as informational and historical purposes. 

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The Oakland Pioneers
Society's Constitution & ByLaws





Article I.



This society shall be known as THE OAKLAND PIONEERS.

Its objects are and shall be:

To collect and preserve information connected with the early settlement and subsequent history of the City of Oakland; to cultivate acquaintance and friendly social intercourse among its members and to do any and all things which may be hereafter determined upon for the advancement of said objects.


Article II



Any white male person who was a bone-fide resident of the territory now included in the corporate limits of the City of Oakland previous to January 1, 1876, or who has resided therein for a period of not less than fifty years, shall be eligible for membership.


Honorary members may be admitted without these qualifications. Honorary members shall have no vote and shall not be eligible to hold office.



The husband or son of a pioneer woman in good standing in the "Oakland Pioneer Women" shall be eligible for membership in this society.


Dues for associate members shall be $1.00 per year payable in advance. An associate member shall have the privilege of the floor but no vote nor be eligible for office.


Article III.



The officers of the society shall be as follows:

a President, a Vice-President, a second Vice-President, a Past President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Marshall.


All of these officers including the junior Past President, shall constitute the Board of Directors.

The officers shall be elected by ballot and shall hold their offices for one year or until their successors are elected and installed.



Article IV.



The stated meetings shall be fixed by a resolution which has been read and laid over for not less than one month before being acted on.


An annual observance of Oakland's Charter Day shall be held on or about May 4 of each year with a program suitable for the occasion. At this meeting, the annual roll call shall take place.



Article V.



The president shall preside at all meetings of the society and Board of Directors.


In the absence of the president, the vice president shall preside. In the absence of the president and the vice-president, the second vice-president shall preside.



Article VI



The duties of the secretary and the marshall shall be such as are presented in Section 2 of Article I of the By-laws.



Article VII.


No discussion of religious or political subjects shall be allowed.


Article VIII.



This constitution may be amended by a two third vote of all members present and voting at any stated meeting; provided that one month’s notice of any proposed amendment has been given in writing and filed with the secretary.



Article I.



Section 1. All persons who expressed their intention of joining THE OAKLAND PIONEERS and have the proper qualification under Article II of the Constitution, previous to the adoption of the Constitution and By-laws, shall be considered members without further action. Thereafter, all applicants for membership shall be proposed by two members of the society in writing, giving the full name, residence, age, nativity, occupation, and date of arrival in Oakland of the applicant.


Section 2. The secretary shall read all applications and the same shall be referred to the Investigating Committee who shall report them not later than the next stated meeting when a ballot shall be taken upon the application and five negative votes shall reject the applicant; otherwise, he shall be declared elected and introduced to the society by the marshall. Any application rejected shall not be proposed again for one year.



Section 3. The ballots shall consist of slips of paper with the word "yes" or "no" written thereon, but if there is no objection, the election may be by viva voce vote.


If the election is by ballot, the president shall appoint two tellers to receive and canvass the vote and announce the result.


Section 4.  Seven members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the society.


Article II



Section 1. Members of this society ( other than honorary or associate ) shall pay $2.00 per annum as dues payable quarterly in advance, and any member who shall neglect for one year to pay such dues, may be dropped from of the members the roll of membership by a majority vote of the members present at any stated meeting; but on the payment of an amount equal to one year’s dues maybe be reinstated to membership by a majority vote.


Section 2. Any member who shall be in arrears for dues for six months, shall be ineligible to office and shall not be entitled to vote.


Section 3. There shall be no admission fee, but every member on joining shall pay the amount of one year's dues in advance.


A member, upon the payment of $20.00 shall become a life member and be exempt from paying any further dues.


Article III



Section l. The secretary shall keep correct minutes of all proceedings of the society, a register

of the names of the members with their residence, age, nativity, and date of arrival in Oakland.


Section 2. He shall collect all monies due the society and pay the same to the treasurer, taking his receipt therefor; draw and sign all orders on the treasurer for the payment of money which order shall also be signed by the president; keep a card index of the members, showing their account of dues, etc., and perform such other duties as may be required of him.


Section 3.

The treasurer shall keep a record of all receipts and disbursements and make a report thereof at the annual meeting and perform such other duties as may be required.


Section 4. The marshall shall preserve order at the meetings of the society, have charge of parades, introduce new members and perform such other duties as may pertain to his office.


Section 5. The secretary and treasurer shall give such bond as may be fixed by the society and the premium therefor shall be paid from the treasury. The bonds shall be placed in the hands of the president for safe keeping.


Article IV



Section 1. The secretary and treasurer shall be paid such compensation for their services as shall from time to time be fixed by the society.


Article V

Section 1.


The following committees shall be appointed by the president at each annual meeting; each committee to consist of three members, viz:









and such other special committees as may be necessary.


Article VI.



1st.                          Roll call of officers

2nd.                        Reading of minutes of preceding meeting

3rd.                         Report of officers

4th                          Proposition for membership

5th                          Report of committees

6th                          Balloting for applicants

7th                          Introduction of new members

8th                          Communications and bills presented

9th                          Unfinished business

10th                        New business

1lth                         Collection of dues

12th                        Good of the society

13th                        Secretary's report of receipts and disbursements.


Article VII



Section 1. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the meetings of the society.


Article VIII.


Section 1. These by-laws may be amended by a two thirds vote of the members present and voting at any stated meeting of the society provided that one month's notice of the proposed amendment has been given in voting and signed by two members in good standing and filed with the secretary.

Oakland Pioneer Membership List
January 1, 1922

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